Easily Generate Personal Fonts

Build Personal Fonts for your Students

Scanahand is the perfect solution for teachers, educators, and students to generate custom fonts based upon their own handwriting. The fonts that you create can be used in the classroom or at home, on any Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64 bit) or Macintosh PC.

It just takes a few minutes to create a custom font for your classroom work, or for your students to create their own personalized fonts. Each font can even include up to 18 personal signatures as font characters, allowing you to "sign" your homework assignments, notes to parents, and all of your classroom work.

It's simple to use Scanahand fonts in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, and any Windows or Mac application that you use in the classroom. As more web browsers support web fonts, you can also use your fonts in your classroom blogs and educational web sites.

With Scanahand, the students' personal correspondence can be truly personal. The artwork and classroom assignments that you give to your students will use your own handwriting. And by building custom fonts for your students, they can personalize their writing, too. Kids - and teachers - can take the fonts that you build for them with Scanahand, and install them on their home computers.

How to Design Handwriting Fonts

To get started with Scanahand, simply print the built-in Scanahand character template, draw the individual characters using a black marker or felt-tip pen, and scan the completed template into your computer. In addition, you can physically cut and paste printed characters and line drawings onto your template, and turn them into ordinary font glyphs (characters).

handwriting and signature fonts for educators and students

Scanahand will build your font and install it on Windows, automatically. There's no need for you to learn the internal complexities of computer fonts. To use your new personal font, select it from any program's font menu, and start typing.

Create one handwriting font for each member of your classroom. Let your fellow educators build signatures that they can use on their home computers. Have your students create new fonts for each school year, so they can track the progress that they're making in their penmanship.

All Scanahand fonts are ready to use once you build them, so there's no need to purchase additional graphics software. Teachers, however, can use Scanahand along with their regular graphics software to design or change each character of their font. With this method, it's simple to create custom fonts, even if you don't have a high-quality printer and scanner in the classroom.

Editions for Students and Teachers

The Standard Edition of Scanahand costs $59(US) and allows you to create up to 216 characters or glyphs for each font. This edition provides support for English and the popular Western European languages (German, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque, Estonian, Faeroese, Frisian, Irish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Albanian, and Esperanto). With the ability to create so many characters, it's easy to find room for logos, drawings, and special characters that you'll want to include in your custom font.

The $99(US) Premium Edition provides room for 18 signatures, as well as 221 additional symbols and special characters. You also have the ability to make custom templates. With support for 65,000 characters, the Premium Edition delivers seemingly endless possibilities. The Premium Edition also lets you build regular, bold, italic, and bold italic versions of each of your characters.

Increase Productivity with this Powerful Font Generator

By giving your students individual handwriting fonts, it will be easier to keep them engaged in their lessons. Writing will be more fun. They'll enjoy working on the computer, and their enthusiasm will be evident in the quality of the classwork. Scanahand makes it simple and affordable.

Free Trial

During the 30-day trial period, Scanahand allows you to generate and use your fonts within Scanahand, but you need a license in order to use your fonts in other software. If you ever thought about writing letters on your computer with a font based on your own handwriting and signature, do give Scanahand a try.

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